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The following PDF files are helpful in understanding the bulk beef and pork buying process.
Note! prices are subject to change due to market conditions beyond our control. Please see catalog in Country Store for the most up to date pricing.

Beef - Pricing and ordering explained  - Note - quantities and prices on this PDF are for example only and may have changed since this document was written. Quantities, prices and weights of each beef will vary from this example.

Bottom line Beef Price Sheet

Pork Yields - What cuts to expect from a whole pig. 1/2 pig would be just that 1/2 of the whole.

Farmer's Market Sales & Drop off Locations
    The Farm and our home in downtown Bradenton are the pick-up location's for our customers who have called and placed orders. As we get larger numbers of customers in neighborhoods we will set up drop off locations and times in these neighborhoods. We need to average 500.00 in sales to set up drop off locations. (Hint....please tell your neighbors about us!)

    Johnston's Farm would eventually like to expand to accommodate more customers who live across Southwest Florida within a 50 mile radius of our farm. This includes Lakewood Ranch, the Islands, Sarasota, and Venice, St Petersburg and Tampa. Our goal is to supply the best possible products for 250 families who commit to buying from our farm. By offering more pick-up locations closer to our committed family homes we will also save our customers time.  You are of course encouraged to visit the farm.

 We do not ship Johnston's Farm produced products.  We have drop-off locations within our food shed for you to pickup your products. We consider our "Food Shed" to be within 50 miles or so from our location. If you are too far from our food shed to purchase from us, we suggest that you visit Eat Wild or Local Harvest to find a farmer in your area.  Because we do not personally know all the farmers listed on these websites, we encourage you to visit your local farms to ensure quality.